Caring for yourself while caring for someone elseI was lucky enough to stumble upon this fabulous book whilst chatting to my hairdresser. I’ve known him for years, and luckily we’re way past the “where are you going on your holiday?” chatter.

We got onto the subject of people’s experiences of being a carer, and he told me that his friend had written a book about just that.

This little gem of a book contains all the things that he had found helpful whilst caring for his wife, Karen, who very sadly died of cancer.

Even the style of the book is written with carers in mind, who quite often simply don’t have the time to sit down and read a wordy book with complex themes.

Striking layout

specialist carers counsellingThe layout is strikingly simple – a comment or thought on one side of the book, and a blank space on the other. This could be used as a place to jot your own thoughts or notes – in many studies it has been shown that regular journalling can help people to process traumatic life events. Or the space can be left as just that – space for each thought to sink in and land.

Some of the pages contain thoughts that are unique to the author, Verran Townsend’s, experience. And many are universal truths about how it is to be a carer. All are from the heart.

Moving Collection

It’s a moving collection of reminders that helped the author when he was struggling and will resonate deeply with readers. Everyone’s pathway as a carer is unique, and this book can help you to find ways to care for yourself while caring for someone else.

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