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Its the small stuff – the importance of Glimmers

Don’t underestimate how important ‘Glimmers’ are to your nervous system. These are tiny moments of joy, connection or relaxation that you can notice in your day and lean into. They create a mini nervous system reset and once you start spotting them they [...]

Love in a mist – Parenting a neurodivergent child

These beautiful love-in-a-mist flowers (or snog-in-the-fog depending on where you're from!) reminded me that I wanted to write about parenting neurodivergent children. Because sometimes it can feel quite foggy and misty, when there is a lot of uncertainty about how your child might [...]

Day by Day, Emotional Wellbeing in Parents of Disabled Children

I was so excited to discover this fabulous book 'Day by Day' by Joanna Griffin, a Psychologist, and parent of a disabled child herself. The book explores what helps, and hinders, parent carers' emotional wellbeing. It is jam-packed with practical guidance, which is [...]

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