At this time of year, with spring well on its way, I am reminded of one of my favourite sayings ‘don’t water the weeds’.  We know that the things that we focus on can magnify. We have the flexibility to choose what we pay attention to, so why not focus on watering the flowers? That is to say, we can put energy into the parts of our life and character that we want to grow.

That’s not to say that old habits and behaviours (the weeds) won’t spring up again from time to time. But our energy will be with the growth of the areas that we would prefer to flourish.

Our brains are able to grow new neural pathways as we start making new habits, which I find very encouraging as a reminder that it is always possible to change. But I find it helpful to remember that change does take practice, so not to be disheartened if the odd weed re-emerges.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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