I am an ‘Integrative Counsellor’ which means that I have several different Counselling approaches that I work with. How we work together will depend on the range of issues that you want to explore. The most important thing is that we develop a good rapport. You need to know that you can trust me with whatever sensitive and private issues you might bring.

Being listened to by a Counsellor is very different than being listened to by a friend. You might be concerned that a friend would either judge you for what you are saying, want to turn the conversation around to themselves or might be inclined to give advice. I listen with empathy to try to get into your world with you and listen without judgment. Never underestimate the power of someone coming alongside you.

I can offer CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) if it is relevant to the specific issues you want to look at. CBT can be useful for understanding that our thoughts are linked to our feelings and behaviours. For example, CBT might be useful for working with some aspects of anxiety or tackling how our thought patterns can sabotage us.

If you want to be a bit creative, I use various tools and techniques that can be helpful in exploring issues a bit further. For example, using images and objects, journalling or letter writing.

It’s important to understand that I do not offer a ‘blue light’ emergency service, and am therefore only contactable within limited office hours. Session times are booked and planned in advance. If you are at a stage in your life where you think you need more urgent and frequent help, you might require a different type of support right now.

If you are experiencing severe depressive symptoms and/or suicidal thoughts, please discuss this with your doctor immediately. The kind of Counselling I offer is not suitable for supporting anyone in crisis or with severe Postnatal Depression or any psychotic illness.