Don’t underestimate how important ‘Glimmers’ are to your nervous system. These are tiny moments of joy, connection or relaxation that you can notice in your day and lean into. They create a mini nervous system reset and once you start spotting them they are everywhere.

This disco ball extravaganza was amidst a Halloween display. I thought it was utterly marvellous ✨

Glimmers can be anything at all, here are some examples to get you started :

💫The sun coming out after a gloomy start to the day

💫Having a hot drink

💫Sending a photo of something funny to a friend

💫 Frosty mornings when a spiders web is all glistening

💫A child saying a genuine thank you for something

💫Giving someone a compliment and making their day

💫Finding a matching sock after ages of having a lone lurking sock in the laundry pile

Start noticing the little stuff again. It makes such a difference.

In counselling, sometimes we might work on how your nervous system is operating. For many people, especially carers and parents, the fight/flight state is familiar and sometimes the collapsed state. As well as working with the triggers for your anxiety or low mood, we can also look for what keeps you in a balanced state. Retraining ourselves to spot and lean into glimmers can be an important part of this, and is manageable even when life is busy.

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