This RAIN meditation is a really handy check-in with yourself by Tara Brach. It is quick and easy and can be used here and there throughout the day to come home to yourself with self compassion amidst your day to day challenges. It is particularly helpful in difficult situations that can’t always be easily fixed.

R – RECOGNISE – tune in and recognise how you are feeling. If you’re not sure, start with the main emotions happy, sad, disgust, fear, anger and follow your train of thought from there.

A – ALLOW – Just let the way you are feeling be. Give it space. Don’t try to fix it.

I – INVESTIGATE – ask yourself what’s going on within you. Investigate with interest and care

N – NOURISH or NURTURE or NATURAL AWARENESS – this is where you give yourself what you need with self-compassion. Or it may be that a natural awareness emerges out of the process.

Give it a try, see how you get on.

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