Carers come in all shapes and sizesThis is what a Carer might look like. Might be a gamer, a child, a pensioner, an accountant, a builder, a nurse, a Dad, a teacher, a policeman, an artist, a Mum…

It’s National Carers’ Week and I’ll be helping to raise awareness that Carers come in all shapes and sizes. There are 6.5 Million Carers in the UK, as diverse a community as you can imagine.

I’m a parent carer myself, for my son who has a complex medical history. You wouldn’t know which of my children had medical difficulties if I didn’t mention it. He doesn’t look like he has additional needs and I am not pushing a wheelchair. I’m hidden in plain sight. And it took me years to realise that when people were talking about Carers, that I was one of them!

If you’ve been putting off getting some emotional support for yourself as a Carer (maybe because you don’t like the word?) is it time to take some action?

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